NTUA students win Silver and Bronze medals and Honorable Mentions at IMC 2019

The International Mathematics Competition for university students 2019 was organized by University College London and hosted by the American University in Bulgaria. This year’s competition took place in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, from the 28th of July to the 3rd of August, 2019.

The team representing NTUA consisted of the following four students:

  • Diamantidis Dimitrios (SEMFE): Silver medal
  • Mouzakis Anargyros-Georgios (ECE): Bronze medal
  • Dragazis Spyridon-Konstantinos (ECE): Honorable Mention
  • Panagiotis Kostopanagiotis (ECE): Honorable Mention

IMC (International Mathematics Competition) is one of the most prestigious competitions for university students with participants from over two hundred institutions from more than fifty countries. It is worth noting that the students competed in highly demanding exams. During the course of the competition each student was required to solve five problems per day and to compete for two consecutive days. Problems are derived from the fields of Algebra, Analysis (Real and Complex), Geometry and Combinatorics.