Mathematics has always been a central subject in the curriculum of engineering studies at the National Technical University of Athens. In fact, the significance of Mathematics was recognized right from the beginning, in the decree establishing the N.T.U.A. in 1836. Since then, Mathematics has played a central role at the University by providing tools for technological advance, but also as an autonomous theoretical and applied science. Already in the 19th Century, the teaching of Mathematics at the N.T.U.A. was not just limited to providing the necessary mathematical training for engineers but also followed and reflected contemporary mathematical developments and research. This trend was enhanced by the presence at N.T.U.A. of prominent Greek mathematicians such as K. Stephanos, I. Hadjidakis and G. Remoundos and also of C. Caratheodory, who lectured in the N.T.U.A. for two academic years in 1922-24. The development in more recent times, of the two-year mathematical curriculum suitable for engineering students, that forms the basis of their mathematical education until today, was mainly due to well-known mathematicians such as N. Kritikos and Ph. Vassiliou, who also continued to stress with their example the importance of advanced mathematical studies and mathematical research. Thus, it is not surprising that the only graduate course mentioned in the 1937 N.T.U.A. catalog was a seminar on “Convex analytic functions and conformal mapping”. It was also not surprising that many of the graduates of N.T.U.A., among which one may mention the late C. Papakyriakopoulos and S.Pichorides , pursued graduate studies and careers in Mathematics , honouring with their work both the N.T.U.A. and their country.

From the academic year 1999-2000 the Department of Mathematics plays crucial role in the School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences being responsible for the Direction of Applied Mathematics.